Automotive Services

We offer a comprehensive range of quality automotive services to suit all our customers’ needs, from MOT & Pre-MOT, Servicing, Diagnostic and General Repairs to Air Conditioning, Engine Carbon Cleaning and much more. Contact us to get a free quote.



MOT without the worry of failing on unnecessary work

Although we do not carry out MOTs on site, our customers benefit from a service we offer which includes RDT Motors taking the customer’s vehicle directly to the MOT test station. This means our customers get a genuine MOT without the worry of their car failing on unnecessary work. Once the MOT is complete the vehicle will be dropped back to RDT Motors and the customer will be contacted with the outcome. If the vehicle does require work, this will be quoted and discussed with the customer. No work will ever be carried out without the customer’s consent.



Why Service your car?

Having your car serviced on a regular basis will allow faults to be picked up before they turn into major issues. Regularly changing engine oil and the oil filter, along with air, fuel and pollen filters, will not only keep your car running at its best, but will protect internal components of the engine against excessive wear. This will undoubtedly improve the lifespan of your car. Maintaining a service history is not only beneficial if you plan to keep your vehicle for a long period of time, but also if you decide to sell it. Having a full service history will improve your car’s market value. If you choose to have your car serviced at RDT Motors we will always use new quality parts to replace old, and our attention to detail throughout the service is second to none.

We offer two types of service: Interim Service and Full Service. We recommend you have an Interim Service annually or every 10,000 miles, and a Full Service every other year. For high mileage customers covering 20,000+ miles a year we recommend a Full Service yearly.

Interim Service

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Check operation of lights and replace bulbs if required;
  • Check and adjust tyre pressures;
  • Check brake fluid, anti-freeze strength and level, power steering fluid and top up if required;
  • Fill windscreen washer bottle with screen wash;
  • Check tyres for wear and damage;
  • Carry out safety check on all vehicle components (brakes, suspension, steering, seatbelts etc.);
  • Reset service light (if fitted) and stamp and fill out the service record;
  • Advise and report any problems to customer on collection;
  • If we find anything dangerous or un-roadworthy we will contact you straight away.

Full Service

A Full Service includes everything completed in an Interim Service plus:

  • New fuel, air, cabin filters will be fitted, spark plugs will be changed if the vehicle has a petrol engine;
  • Removal of all road wheels, which will be greased and refitted;
  • Adjustment of handbrake – depending on the set up we will adjust as required.


Efficient electronic systems diagnostic

At RDT Motors we make sure our diagnostic equipment is completely up-to-date, giving our technicians the appropriate equipment to diagnose your vehicle’s electronic systems efficiently. A warning light can illuminate on your dashboard for a number of different reasons, whether it be an engine management fault, ABS, traction control or an airbag fault – to name just a few. We attach our diagnostic equipment to your vehicle to retrieve a fault code, which enables us to find out where the fault has been picked up in the system. We can then carry out further tests to identify where – and why – the fault has happened, so we can repair as required.

general repairs

General Repairs

Any repairs to any vehicle make and model

We carry out any repair work required to any make and model of vehicle, from a small repair – such as fitting a new bulb – to a larger job, like an engine rebuild, and everything in-between.



Exhaust system repair or replacement

From replacing a corroded clamp, to a full system replacement, we can carry out all repairs for you.



Reasonably priced cambelt replacement on all makes and models, using either genuine or OE quality cambelt kits

Your cambelt is one of the most crucial parts of your engine, ensuring your crank and camshaft turn in unison. Unfortunately, your timing belt is one of the vehicle’s parts which won’t last forever. The manufacturer of your vehicle has set a specific time or mileage at which your belt should be replaced. Whilst a timing belt change may appear expensive, the consequences of not replacing it will far outweigh the cost of replacement if it were to snap, resulting in a top end engine rebuild.



Clutch diagnostic, repair and replacement

Whether you are hearing noises when changing gear, your clutch pedal doesn’t feel normal or your clutch is starting to slip; we can listen, drive and diagnose clutch issues on any make and model of vehicle. Whether you have problems with the hydraulic side of the clutch or the mechanical clutch its self, we can offer reasonably priced repairs or replacement to get you back on the road.



Brake check, repair and overhaul

We offer a free brake lining check to all our customers to ensure your car’s brakes are in a roadworthy condition, keeping you and your passengers safe.

If you do need brake repairs we can carry these out on any make and model of vehicle. Whether it’s just a set of brake pads, or you require new discs, calipers, brake pipes/hoses, shoes, brake drums, master cylinder, servo or vacuum lines, we can carry out all of these repairs.

We will only ever use OE quality braking parts for optimum braking efficiency and longevity of your brakes. We will never compromise on safety.

Engine Carbon Cleaning

Engine Carbon Cleaning

Engine Carbon Cleaning for petrol or diesel engines

Engine Carbon cleaning is a process where we connect a machine to your vehicle which introduces hydrogen into the vehicle’s intake, whilst the engine is running. This increases the internal temperature, expelling carbon build up, promoting efficient operation and a cleaner engine.

  • Aids better engine performance;
  • May help lower emissions;
  • Is easy to perform on your vehicle;
  • Works on petrol and diesel engines.

We have had a 100% success rate using this equipment on diesel vehicles which have failed an MOT emissions smoke test.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning re-gas, fault diagnostic and repairs

We currently can only offer air conditioning re-gas on vehicles using refrigerant gas R134A (typically used on cars pre 2014). Manufacturers recommend that your aircon is recharged every 2 years. It is important to make sure that you include recharging as part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine. If your AC is blowing out warm air, or only works intermittently, an AC recharge can bring back cold air when you need it most.

If your car requires more than just a recharge we have the equipment to fault-find any air-conditioning fault which you may have. Whether it be a leak, faulty compressor, pressure sensor or wiring issue, we can repair this for you.

Headlight Polishing

Headlight Polishing

Enhance the look of your car with our headlight lens renovation

Vehicles are commonly fitted with plastic headlight lenses, which over time deteriorate, resulting in a yellowy clouded effect on the lens. At worst this can result in an MOT failure. Having your headlights polished will not only allow more light to be emitted from the headlight, but will also enhance the overall appearance of the front of your vehicle.

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